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Our team of professional traders has many years of experience in the trading business that we have gained from large metal trading houses, metal producers and metal consumers.

What WE DO

We work with metal smelters, metal producers and semi-finished products plants to process raw metals, metal scrap and metal-containing residues into metal semi-finished products. In short, we create added value for every step in the value chain.

Metallunion was created by its management and key stakeholders got to provide the small and medium scrap yards with an outlet for all manner of standard and niche non-ferrous scrap yards to ultimate customers. This will include:

RISK MANAGEMENT – Our team has extensive experience of LME HEDGING tools having sat on the LME ALUMINIUM COMMITTEE .

TOLLING – The long-term orientation of METALLUNION has shown that access to smelters and refineries not only means supplying the end customer with feed but also offers the possibility of converting scrap and other raw materials into primary metal subject to a toll.

FINANCE – METALLUNION’s is able to take on credit risk via its established factoring lines and organise payments in a timely fashion allowing our suppliers and end users an ability to plan.

LOGISTICS – Our team can organise door to door logistics from suppliers to end-users using trucking, rail cars, containers and breakbulk. All issues with regards to customs clearance and cross border logistics can also be provided by METALLUNION’s team.

Metal management experts

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Why we are different

We have a good understanding of the markets in which we operate. We know the products and production processes.

We know the needs of the producers, consumers and dealers with whom we work.

We know logistics, local regulations and cultural differences.

We understand the risks associated with the metal trading business such as market risk, credit risk, operational risk, reputational risk and know how to manage these risks.

Let's start something new

We source metals from our extensive network of producers and scrap dealers