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We are a non-ferrous metal’s merchant set up in early 2017 by its management with offices in Margate (GB) and Cologne. We are permanently expanding our presence through new offices and representations to serve our global network of producers and consumers..

Our team of professional traders and operators have many years’ experience in the merchant business, gained at large metal-trading-houses, metal-producers and metal-consumers. We have a proven track record of building sustainable, profitable metal trading businesses.

What we do

We source metals from our extensive network of producers, metal-scrap-traders and specialized distributors, we use our operational expertise to move and store these metals to deliver them to our customers when and where they need them.

We partner with metal-refineries, metal-producers and metal-consumers to toll virgin metals, metal-scraps and- residues into refined materials. In short, we add value to each step in the value chain.

Where possible, we supply scraps, residues or semi-refined products to smelters or refineries and pay conversion fees to further process these products into the goods our customers require.

We arrange for finance for these converters and actively manage the market risks they face in their normal course of business, enabling these converters to focus on what they are good at.

We partner with best in class logistic service providers to move our products by truck, train, and vessel, efficiently, safely and cost effective.

Through a comprehensive global marine insurance, our products are properly insured to cover any possible losses during transportation or storage.

We work with reputable warehouse companies to store our metals in locations that are relevant for our customers.

We ensure that the products stored are segregated from other products and clearly identifiable as ours.

We have a strict warehouse onboarding process and we do regular checks of the warehouse holdings against our own records.

We understand that time is of the essence for our customers. Hence our operational team ensures that the physical delivery of the products and the documentation process is done in the most accurate and efficient manner.

We provide extended payment terms, options on pricing, delivery locations, delivery periods, to structure supply agreements that suits our customer’s needs.

Through long-term offtake agreements with our global network of producers, we secure a sustainable supply to our consumers.

Through just in time logistics, we efficiently provide quality material at competitive prices.

We focus on providing solutions for our customers through integrated services like finance, transport and risk management.

Timing, location and brands are critical for producers, refiners, smelters and industrial consumers. We optimize the trade flow and provide one-stop service in a reliable and efficient manner.

We streamline and simplify supply chains.

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We source metals from our extensive network of producers and scrap dealers