Based on required product whether  Manganese,Iron,Chromium, element we are happy to  source from the reliable suppliers already tested and used in  industry.

Our main products:


Percentage of element


Manganese additive

Mn :75%,80%,85%,90%

1) Other compositions make up of pure Al powder and/or non-hygroscopic fluxes.

2) Size: Tablet: 500g-1333g/tablet.
3) Recovery rate >95%

Iron additive

Fe :75%,80%,85%,90%

Chromium additive

Cr :75%,80%,85%


For tablet: 

2-4 tablets wrapped with aluminium foil, 10-20kg in a
cardboard box, 1000kgs on a wooden pallet.
For mini-tablet: 10kgs per paper bag , 1000kgs in a wooden case.


Other weight and packaging can be produced on customers demand.


1.It can be directly added to the melting furnace and better to use before refining , molten aluminium temperature required: 720-750 °C
2.Make an analysis about metal element on alloy before use, calculate inputs of additive according to demand and additive yield rate.
3.Removal off the packing, put the additive into the molten alloy evenly , close the furnace door and keep 20-30 minutes, and then stirring for 10 minutes and deslagging.